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Cutting Up Diet

Diet Mistakes People Make

We all know how difficult losing weight and losing fat can be. First off we need to create a 'calorific deficit' meaning burning off more calories than we take in, however losing weight and losing fat are two very different things and can easily get mixed up.

The majority of people are impatient and want to lose weight fast. Since they have little or no knowledge of diet, nutrition and how metabolism works, they think that by starving themselves, or eating as little as possible will make them lose fat quickly and give them the body they desire.

While this attitude will result in a quick weight drop, most of the weight lost will be water, muscle and a small portion of fat.

You see when eating food in the form of carbohydrates, our bodies will either do one of three things in this particular order:

  • Burn off the carbohydrates immediately for energy
  • Replenish glycogen stores in the liver and muscle tissue
  • Convert the carbohydrate into fat and store for later use

If we restrict carbohydrate intake, our body begins to use its own supply of stored carbohydrate (glycogen) and convert it into glucose for energy, therefore our glycogen stores begin to decrease. For every 1g of glycogen burned off, 3g of water is lost. I won't say how much glycogen is stored in our liver and muscles since this is individual and varies, however I will say that this can result in a steep drop in weight rather quickly.

Next point to consider is the breakdown of muscle tissue. There are 9 essential amino acids which our body can't synthesise so they must be sourced through diet. In order for muscle maintenance and tissue turnover to take place, amino acids must be present otherwise muscle breakdown will occur. Since carbohydrate stores are low the body converts amino acids into glucose via gluconeogenesis which takes place in the liver. This will also result in loss of lean body mass.

Here is where the vicious cycle begins. Since muscle burns more calories and to some extent controls the speed of your metabolism, as your muscle mass decreases, your calorie needs also decrease and your metabolism slows down. After just a few days of heavily restricted calorie intake, our body goes into starvation mode in order to survive which means it holds on to its fuel supplies (fat) for dear life.

Diet is the most important factor in losing excess unwanted fat. In order for our body to let go of stubborn fat stores it must be given the right nutrients at the right time.

Following these simple steps will help you to build yourself a healthier diet and lose fat.

  • Try to eat between 6 to 8 small meals per day. This will speed up our metabolism
  • Limit carbohydrate intake to fibre and wholegrain sources except for simple carbohydrates around workout times
  • Eat protein with each meal. Since protein takes more calories to break down this will result in an increased metabolic rate and prevent the breakdown of lean body mass
  • Try to get a varied intake of proteins to avoid lack of certain amino acids
  • Try to get a healthy source of fat in each meal except for around training times
  • Eat a source of fruit or vegetable with each meal
  • Avoid calorie containing drinks

Here is an example of a cutting diet designed to target fat while minimising loss of lean body mass.

This diet was designed for a 200lb individual. Bear in mind that all people are different and there are large differences in metabolic rate for each individual.

06:30am 1/2 capsule/s JST JodieŽ SEMTEX
07:00am 45 mins of gentle cardio (walking uphill, jogging slow, cycling)
07:45am 36g serving of JST JodieŽ JDIET
10:30am 100g Tuna in Olive Oil with a small salad (tomatoes, leuttuce, cucumber) Handful of Almonds 15ml Flaxseed Oil
01:30pm 100g Mackerel or Salmon 100g Fibrous Vegetables 1 Tablespoon Peanut Butter
04:30pm 1 Large Chicken Breast, 2 Slices Wholemeal bread
05:00pm Training (weights)
06:00pm 36g serving of JST JodieŽ JDIET
06:45pm 75g wholemeal pasta or brown rice, 150g chicken breast or 150g lean beef, Vegetables, Fish oils (O3 epa,dha) 1 Cup green tea
09:30pm 200g cottage cheese, 25g Almonds


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