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Dream Body Transformation of the Month - Miss April 2015

2nd April 2015

Dream Body Transformation of the Month - Miss April 2015

*Disclaimer: Each person is individual so results will vary.

My transformation story has been long and I am still not finished yet.

When I finished my GCSEs I was a size 6 and I dont know how I got to the size I did, it was mortifying.

I got over 17 stone and I remember size 18 jeans were getting tight and my thighs were chaffing and I just felt so horrible and uncomfortable all the time.

I did not go on holiday or wear bikinis, I just struggled dressing daily because of how much I had let myself go.

I had gone from a 16 year old who was fit and did athletics to an 18 year old that was obese and quite frankly disgusting.

I have managed to drop down to a size 12 slowly with the help of SEMTEX and a long battle with my diet and going to gym it has taking me time but I am finally getting there.

I could not have done as much as I did in that first initial year without the help of SEMTEX giving me a kick up the arse and pushing me to go further at the gym!

I did not know why I let myself get to the stage I did but it has been a huge lesson,

I am so excited to put my wedding dress on next February and actually feel good wearing it rather than feeling self conscious worried about flab hanging over or people commenting on my weight :-)

I still have another 2 stone to go before I am a healthy weight for my height and I am still loving every workout thanks to SEMTEX!* Xx

You can follow Abbey and her journey through her twitter account here:

*Disclaimer: Each person is individual so results will vary.

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