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Dream Body Transformation of the Month - Miss May 2015

1st May 2015

Dream Body Transformation of the Month - Miss May 2015

*Disclaimer: Each person is individual so results will vary.

My weight loss story

The morning of my sisters wedding was when it hit me. While everyone was having fun and dressed to perfection for the wedding photos I couldn’t even bare to look at myself in the mirror.

All I wanted was to be happy for my sister but I felt so depressed I couldn’t even pretend to enjoy the day. For years now I had this feeling that I never understood why. Why was I so chubby and ugly compared to everyone else there?

I had felt this way ever since high school and every time I looked a photograph or caught a glimpse of my reflection, it would take me back to teasing and name calling from other kids and the sickness in my stomach that would come with it. I was so disgusted at the look of myself that I refused to be in any of the photographs taken at the wedding. Eventually I gave in after being called ‘selfish ‘ and ‘self-absorbed’ by the other bridesmaids who didn’t understand the torture I was going through in my own head. Shortly after the wedding when my family encouraged me to get some help about my feelings, I was diagnosed with Body Dismorphic Disorder. At first I felt crazy but slowly began to be relieved at the fact there was a name for how I was feeling.

After diagnosis I went to some CBT classes which really helped me but I was still unhappy with my weight. I was binge drinking with friends, over-eating and covering all the damage in baggy or over-the-top clothes to distract people from the fact I was chubby and unhappy with my body.

When watching the documentary, Jodie Marsh: Body-Builder I was amazed at how Jodie could transform her body and was surprised to learn that she too had suffered from BBD. I really felt like I had someone I could relate to. I was so happy to see a REAL woman with REAL experiences do something so challenging and was inspired to do the same myself. The fact that you could take control of how your body looked amazed me and Jodie’s show showed me that it’s possible to do that with dedication.
I decided to hit the gym and take control of my eating habits and was determined that I could do this. I am huge fan of Jodie’s after watching the show and am so glad young people have an inspirational woman to look up to.

Today, thanks to her, I am 5 stone lighter, working out at the gym doing weight training and on my way to the body I want. The most important part however, is that I am more confident in myself as a person than I have ever been. I even hope to do a competition one day! (no matter how long it takes)*

Rachel Ramsey

*Disclaimer: Each person is individual so results will vary.

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