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Dream Body Transformation of the Month - Miss January 2016

8th January 2016

Dream Body Transformation of the Month - Miss January 2016

*Disclaimer: Each person is individual so results will vary.

I started using SEMTEX & JDIET together last march. I was very sceptical at first because of the whole \\\"diet pills & shakes\\\" fads out here. Before I bought the products I emailed the JST JODIE team for advice. I got a reply within a day! The team were so helpful, they gave me lots of tips & advice & told me EXACTLY what the products were, when & how to use.

I started using the JDIET as either a snack in between meals or after a workout. I was also using SEMTEX. On training days I took before workouts, around 30 minutes before to give me that burst of energy! No shakiness or jitters! It just made me feel so much more energetic! & made me do so much more! I felt great! & on non training days I took 1 in the morning & another at lunch time. 2 a day max! Both of these products combined together made me work harder, focus better & get myself going! & I began to see results!*

I then started using TONEX when it came out too! Combined all 3 together, helped me loose a total of 3 stone 4lbs. I am still using the products combined today & still loosing weight with the help of these products! Now, I will say.... the products are not \"magic pills\" but they are pills that work like magic IF you use them correctly & WORK with them! Like I started to swap chocolate for a JDIET shake as a snack & before a workout gulping massive jugs of black coffee & making me shake like hell, have a SEMTEX capsule for example. No shakes.

I changed my diet too! I started eating more fruit & vegetables. I starting eating more protein filled lunches like chicken, fish, meats etc! Chicken with some veg & brown rice is my favourite! Also some salmon with couscous & veg! Mix it every day as I never want to become bored then binge!  I drunk & still do drink 2-3 litres of water a day! I was exercising & still am, around 3/4 times a week. A mix of swimming, weight training & also some cardio. It is all about WORKING HARD & WANTING it so bad you will work for it! 

I could not have done this without the help of these products. They gave me that extra boost in the gym & made me more energetic & more determined & energised & when I started to see the weight coming off, I knew I had to keep going! It got me so much more determined & motivated!

Also; I have to thank JODIE & the JST JODIE team. They were & still are always there when I email or tweet asking for advice or tips or checking things. They are fab! I definitely recommend all of these products & I will be trying more over 2016! I definitely recommend emailing the team any questions you have too because their always so helpful, truthful, give you their best advice & point you in the direction! so thank-you JODIE & the JST JODIE team! x x x x x

Follow Adriienne and her journey on twitter @adriiennexo

*Disclaimer: Each person is individual so results will vary.

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