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Dream Body Transformation of the Month - Miss June 2016

1st June 2016

Dream Body Transformation of the Month - Miss June 2016

*Disclaimer: Each person is individual so results will vary.

Hi there,

I have always from the age of 14 hated my body, one part or another! I have had plastic surgery to enhance myself to feel better, balance myself out... But after my 2 children and I hit 30 I felt more depressed about myself than ever!

The answer... More surgery! I had liposuction on my legs. However, it did not anywhere near meet what I wanted and it was a wasted 3k!!! And I was miserable.... All that money spent and I was more miserable with how I looked naked than ever!

Everyone told me I was mad, I had a great figure! But I did not see it and definitely did not feel it!

Then my husband showed me Jodies programme on bodybuilding and photos of how she looked. I knew it was how I wanted to look, and I thought I have to do something, all this money can not be wasted!

So I joined a very small and basic gym! I said to myself I would go 3 times a week, Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday! The only days my husband does not go... Needless to say we see little of each other!

Within 5 weeks I was hooked!!! I signed up and I have not looked back! I follow a sensible macro diet, with 1,500 calories a day 40% protein, 35% fats and 25% carbs, 6 days a week, and always have Sunday off. I do not go without anything I want. If I want cake and chocolate I will have it, but a small amount and adjust my food intake to allow for it.

In the gym, I mix 30-40 minutes of cardio to an hour of weights, resistance and free weights. Usually I am the only female there, but you get used to it and the lads where I train are lovely! So if any girls are nervous, do not be - they are too interested in working out than to worry about what you are doing!

I take SEMTEX on non training days and RAGE212 on the days I am in the gym - as recommended by yourselves. I have a JDIET whey protein shake every day with water - best tasting shake I have ever had and I have tried a fair few... I love that it is a thick texture which fills me up so I do not want to snack, and the chocolate orange flavour gives me something sweet to curb cravings! I chose the brand because of Jodie, I have followed her for years! Always envious of her figure!

The bottom picture was in June 2015. I had been training for just 6 months and I was happy with how I looked then. First time ever I felt confident in a bikini and the first time I have ever let anyone take a photo of my lower half! All my photos are no lower than the waist... Or I am angled out in my lower half!..... but over the months I have watched myself change, and my body is the best it has ever been!

My 20s were spent dieting and basically starving myself for days on end! My message to girls younger than me: you do not need expensive surgery, you do not need diets! You need regular exercise, a balanced diet, amazing jst-Jodie supplements and sheer determination and consistency in your training.* xx

My stats started at:
Size 12
10 stone 4

Now they are:
Size 8
9 stone 2

A total of approx 15 inches.

I weight train so I have a lot of muscle and not fat!

1st 2lbs - at my lightest when I am carb cycling and strict on diet I am 8 stone 12!
I have started taking it quite seriously, hopefully to compete later in the year!! So this really helps x x

Follow Claire & her journey here:
twitter: @BrownClaire16
instagram: Softyblondy

*Disclaimer: Each person is individual so results will vary.

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