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Dream Body Transformation of the Month - Miss October 2016

2nd October 2016

Dream Body Transformation of the Month - Miss October 2016

As you can see, I have always been petite, but I have not always been fit and healthy.

I took my body for granted because I was one of those people who could eat anything and never put on weight. Then I was diagnosed with IBS and realised that I needed to take more care of my body and how I treated it. So I started exercising and kept a food diary so I could identify my triggers better.

I took up kickboxing, and am on course to get my black belt in November!

I also entered my first physique competition, Miss Galaxy Universe (where my after pic was taken) and I could not believe what I was capable of. Alex Reid was one of the judges, and he was so lovely, chatting to us all backstage before the show. I did not place, but the experience was incredible and proved to me that I can do anything I set my mind to.

I suffer from anxiety as well, and exercise is one thing I do that helps me when I am at my worst. In my opinion, there is nothing that a few squats ca not fix! Exercise builds my self esteem back up when anxiety knocks it down.

I am currently injured, having an eroded AC joint in my left shoulder that is requiring physio and possibly some other treatments too. It will be a long process, but I will not stop training.

My JST Jodie products have helped to keep me motivated and see results, and I love being part of the social media community too! My injury is frustrating, disheartening and is making it hard to stay motivated, but being tagged in the motivational posts on twitter and instagram really lifts my spirits and pushes me to keep moving forward and fight to get my fitness back. I am so glad I discovered JSTJodie products!

Gemma Lupton

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